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Welcome all Adventurers and Dungeon Masters to Dice Emporium. Our expansive collection of dice has all you need for your next Dungeons & Dragons party. Securing the perfect dice set for Dungeons & Dragons (D&D/DND) is simple, and we have plenty of options to choose from. If you know what you are looking for, go ahead and grab what you need. For those newer to the game, make sure to read up on what exactly you need below.

What Dice are Needed for DND?

In DND, the standard set of dice consists of seven polyhedral dice. These include:

  1. D4-Dice
    A 4-sided dice (d4)

    The d4, shaped like a pyramid, is the caltrop of the dice set. It’s often used for casting spells that require a modest amount of damage or healing, such as “Magic Missile” or “Cure Wounds.” It also determines the impact of smaller weapons like daggers. Due to its specific uses, one d4 is typically sufficient to own.

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  2. D6-Dice
    A 6-sided dice (d6)

    The d6 is the familiar cube-shaped die that’s a staple in many board games. In D&D, it’s a workhorse for calculating damage for a plethora of weapons and spells. It’s also crucial during character creation, where rolling multiple d6s determines a character’s attributes. Given its frequent use, having a couple of extra d6s is advantageous to keep the game flowing smoothly. Sometimes, you’ll need to roll these dice multiple times, so having more dice reduces the time to do that.

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  3. D8-Dice
    An 8-sided dice (d8)

    The d8, resembling two pyramids connected at the base, is commonly used for weapon damage, particularly for larger weapons like longswords or for potent healing spells. It strikes a balance between the lower and higher ends of damage scales, making it a die that’s used consistently but not as frequently as the d6 or d20.

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  4. D10-Dice
    A 10-sided dice (d10)

    This die is unique with its kite-like shape, used for weapons that deal medium to high damage. It’s also part of the mechanics for spells that have a range of intensities. Its numbers range from zero to nine. The d10 is essential and often used with the D10 percentile but not as commonly used as the d6.

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  5. D10-Sided Percentile Dice
    A 10-sided percentile dice (d10% in 10’s)

    This partner to the d10 is marked with tens (00, 10, 20, etc.) and is used in tandem with the standard d10 to calculate percentages for various game mechanics, such as determining the outcome of certain spells or random events. It’s a specialized die, and one is all you need.

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  6. D12-Sided Percentile Dice
    A 12-sided dice (d12)

    The d12 is often used for the most powerful weapon damages, like those dealt by a great axe. It’s not as frequently rolled as others but is crucial for those moments of high tension and high damage later in gameplay. It is also used for time-based components of a game, given that it can determine hours (with 12-hour distinction) and months of the year.

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  7. D20-Sided Percentile Dice
    A 20-sided dice (d20)

    The star of the show, the d20, is the cornerstone of much D&D gameplay. It’s used for almost every important check in the game—from attack rolls to saving throws to skill checks. The d20 determines success or failure in most actions a character attempts. Because of its pivotal role, having one is essential, but two can keep the pace up, especially during complex encounters or when confirming critical hits.

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Cool DND Dice

Look no further than our extensive collection of unique Dungeons & Dragons dice sets that give you absolutely everything you need for your next D&D party.

Does Each Player Need His/Her Own Set of D&D Dice?

While it’s not strictly necessary for everyone to have their own set of Dungeons and Dragons dice, owning a personal set of dice for DND is practical. It speeds up the game since players aren’t waiting to share dice, and it adds a personal touch to each player’s experience. Having your own set also reduces the risk of misplacing them in the shuffle of gameplay. Many DND adventurers are particular and reluctant to share their dice—it just depends on who you’re playing with. A beginner’s dice set won’t set you back too much, so it’s worth getting if you are starting out.


The twelve-sided die (d12) is typically the least utilized in Dungeons & Dragons. It’s primarily used for calculating damage for certain large weapons favored by characters like Barbarians. Additionally, it has niche uses in tracking in-game time-related events.

Dice are predominantly crafted from acrylic or resin, both known for their resilience and ability to withstand regular use.

Of course, there are other high-end options as well. For those who prefer the heft and luxury of metal or stone dice, those options are commonly available. However, we recommend using a dice mat, which essentially is a soft rolling surface to protect both your dice and your tabletop from wear and tear.

Selecting dice can be a personal journey, much like crafting your D&D characters. Consider the aesthetic that matches your character’s theme or your personal style. There are literally hundreds of color and design options to choose from. Think about the weight and feel of different materials like acrylic, metal, or stone and how they roll. We offer a variety of styles and materials to resonate with your character’s narrative.

To keep your dice in prime condition, store them in a dice bag or case to prevent scratches. Clean them with a soft, damp cloth and avoid harsh chemicals. For metal or stone dice, rolling on a padded surface like a dice tray can prevent chipping.

While not at all necessary to enjoy gameplay, there are some extra dice that can come in handy from time to time, especially if you’re at the helm of a party as a Dungeon Master (DM).

  • Weather Set – Excellent for DMs to quickly set up weather conditions with this simple d8.
  • Race/Species Sets – Could help select NPCs or preferences in some situations (race d8 and race d12).
  • Challenge Rating Sets – Some Dungeon Masters use these to assist with on-the-fly encounter balancing.
  • D100s – These dice are likely used by old-school D&D players (affectionately called the golf ball) but have fallen out of favor somewhat by substituting two d10s (0-9 and the percentile). These are very fun dice to have around if you fancy using one yourself.

D&D Dice Accessories

Explore some of our recommended accessories to use with your new D&D dice set. Quality leather carrying bags, boxes, and dice mats are a great way to store and use your dice while protecting them.

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