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Chessex Gemini Dice

Chessex Gemini Dice were an immediate hit when they were first introduced in 2006, and they are still a favorite today. The popularity of the beautiful Gemini polyhedral material, which is a two-tone swirl of contrasting colors, led to Chessex debuting an entire range of these dice.

These Chessex Gemini sets come with seven dice, including: four-sided (d4), six-sided (d6), eight-sided (d8), 10-sided (d10), tens 10 (10-sided, numbered 00-90), 12-sided (d12), and 20-sided (d20).

Dice Emporium stocks 32 unique Gemini dice color combinations.

If you’d like to browse all Chessex Dice, you won’t be disappointed, we stock one of the largest collections online.

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