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Koplow Dice for Sale

Koplow Games manufactures a wide variety of dice and game accessories. Koplow is known as “The Nice Dice Company” and currently offers a massive selection of over 1,200 different dice. The Koplow Games website isn’t set up to sell their dice directly to the public, luckily at Dice Emporium, we offer a large selection of Koplow Dice. Whether you’re looking to buy individual dice or a larger quantity, we have you covered.

Types of Koplow Dice:

Koplow Polyhedral Dice – These dice are available in seven different colors and range from 4 sided (D4) to 20 sided (D20). Koplow opaque polyhedral dice are available in small and large quantities. We also offer Koplow Jumbo Polyhedral Dice individually and by the set.

Koplow Transparent Dice – We also offer these transparent dice from Koplow in seven different colors. These particular dice come in various shapes and range from 4 to 20 sides. You can clearly see through these dice and each die is labeled with white or black numbers.

Koplow Jumbo Dice – These Jumbo Place Value Dice are offered in the tenths, hundredths, and thousandths place. Color options range from blue, green, yellow and red. If you’re looking for a placeholder die the Koplow brand could be a great choice.

Koplow 12mm Dice – 12mm Dice are available in dozens of styles and colors. Just to name a few different styles that our Koplow mini dice come in: Deluxe marbleized, Olympic pearlized, Swirl, Round corner, and square corner. We also offer a wide range of 16mm Koplow Dice available in many different colors.

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