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D4 Dice – 4 Sided Dice

4-sided dice (Tetrahedron) or d4 are the lowest numbered die in the classic RPG set.

They primarily come in 2 styles, bottom read and top read. They are read by looking to see what number is upright on all the visible faces of the die. The style you choose is usually based on your visual preference. 

With its unusual shape and sharp top edges, the d4 doesn’t roll as well as other RPG dice. The 4-sided die is usually better off thrown into the air instead of rolled.

These dice are typically used for damage rolls for small weapons or situations where you want a low variation when you roll.

Don’t step on them – ouch. It’s why they are given the nickname caltrops.

We offer almost 200 different styles and colors. You’re sure to find the perfect d4 (not to step on).

We also carry dice in the following sides:

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