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16mm 6 Sided Opaque Dice (d6) – Chessex




16mm Six Sided Dice

Dice have pips.

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Ivory w/black Pips, White w/black Pips, Yellow w/black Pips, Orange w/black pips, Red w/white Pips, Green w/white Pips, Blue w/white Pips, Purple w/white Pips, Black w/white Pips, Grey w/black Pips, Dusty Green w/gold Pips, Black w/red Pips, Dark Grey w/copper Pips, Dusty Blue w/gold Pips, Black w/gold Pips, Pink w/white Pips, Light Purple w/white Pips, Light Blue w/white Pips, Red w/black Pips, Set of 19 16mm Opaque

20 Sided Black Die with Gold Numbers
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