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30mm 6 Sided (d6) – Chessex




Please note that these dice are about 1.2 inches in size.

Here are some pictures of luminary dice under a black light.




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Weight 1 oz

Borealis Royal Purple/gold – luminary, Scarab Scarlet/gold, Scarab Jade/gold, Scarab Royal Blue/gold, Scarab Blue Blood/gold, Cirrus Aqua/silver, Festive Mosaic/yellow, Festive Sunburst/red, Festive Violet/white, Festive Carousel/white, Festive Vibrant/brown, Festive Waterlily/white, Gemini Blue-Gold/white, Gemini Blue-Steel/white, Gemini Copper-Steel/white, Gemini Gold-Green/white, Gemini Purple-Red/gold, Gemini Black-Copper/white, Gemini Blue-Purple/gold, Gemini Blue-Red/gold, Gemini Black-Pink/white, Gemini Purple-Steel/white, Gemini Black-Red/gold, Gemini Green-Purple/gold, Gemini Black-Blue/gold, Gemini Blue-Green/gold, Gemini Black-Green/gold, Gemini Black-Purple/gold, Gemini Teal-White/black, Gemini Black-Grey/green, Gemini Black-Shell/white, Gemini-Red-Yellow/silver, Gemini Black-Gold/silver, Gemini Copper-Teal/silver, Gemini Green-Yellow/silver, Gemini Steel-Teal/white, Gemini Astral Blue-White/red, Gemini Black-Starlight/red, Gemini Blue-Teal/gold, Gemini Masquerade-Yellow/white, Gemini Orange-Steel/gold, Gemini Red-Teal/gold, Ghostly Glow Orange/yellow, Ghostly Glow Pink/silver, Luminary Sky/silver, Velvet Green/silver, Velvet Blue/silver, Velvet Black/red, Velvet Bright Blue/silver, Leaf Steel/gold, Lustrous Slate/white, Lustrous Gold/silver, Lustrous Purple/gold, Lustrous Shadow/gold, Marble Ivory/black, Marble Green/dark green, Nebula Dark Blue/white, Glitter Gold/silver, Glitter Ruby/gold, Vortex Bright Green/black, Vortex Orange/black, Vortex Green/gold, Vortex Purple/gold, Vortex Pink/gold, Vortex Burgundy/gold, Vortex Slime/yellow, Festive Sunburst/red, Luminary Sky/silver, Nebula Wisteria/white Luminary, Nebula Red/silver Luminary, Nebula Spring/white Luminary, Nebula Oceanic/gold Luminary, Nebula Nocturnal/blue Luminary, Nebula Primary/blue Luminary, Borealis Icicle/light blue Luminary, Borealis Pink/silver Luminary, Borealis Light Green/gold Luminary, Festive Pop Art/blue, Borealis Teal/gold Luminary, Borealis Sky Blue/white, Borealis Sky Blue/white Luminary, Marble Oxi-Copper/white, Phantom Teal/gold, Borealis Purple/white Luminary, Borealis Light Smoke/silver Luminary, Pearl Turquoise-White/blue Luminary, Gel Green-Pink/blue Luminary, Vortex Orange/white

Vortex 30mm Bright Green/black -
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